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Our Approach

Making the decision to start psychotherapy may be something that you have gone back and forth on and poured a lot of thought into; it may be a very scary decision or it could be one of the easiest and most relieving decisions you’ve made in a while! Whatever the case is for you, our hope is that you are supported, set up for success, and don’t feel alone throughout the process. We believe that the therapeutic relationship is the most important part of any effective treatment. When seeking therapy it is important to find someone you can build trust with, someone who makes you feel safe and comfortable, someone who doesn’t judge you, and above all, someone who seeks to join your world with curiosity and acceptance. 


We often use the metaphor that therapy is a road trip with your therapist. You are the driver and your therapist should be in the passenger seat. When your therapist lets you “drive” the sessions it allows you to become more empowered and responsible for your own life. You decide “where we go” or what gets talked about and allows you to “turn away” from certain topics if you aren’t ready to go there just yet. Engaging in therapy in this way will prepare and empower you to handle your issues on your own. It will also help you when we get to the termination phase of treatment - since you were in the driver’s seat, you will more confidently know when you have reached “your destination” or the goals you wanted to accomplish in therapy. You’ll leave the process having more self-awareness to help you make the best choices for yourself, knowing that you can make the decision to come back to therapy at any point in the future if you need a little help navigating what you are going through, and feeling confident that therapy actually helped you instead of enabling any type of unhealthy dependence. 


We hope that one of the trusted clinicians on our team, can be the person in your passenger seat that supports you in navigating your journey of healing and self-discovery.

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